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  • “He took my case and handled it swiftly and sensitively. My case could have dragged on and on and on. He knew what was best for us and defended us with care.”


  • “He knew what he was doing and just a year and two months after my arrest, I was completely finished with all my legal stuff. Thanks Scott and team!”


  • “I will be using his services again when seeking a non-disclosure. Thank you, Mr. Magee, for being awesome. You are greatly appreciated !”


  • “The first word that comes to mind is EXCELLENCE! Scott was efficient, open and honest with all aspects of the proceedings I was to experience.”


  • “He believed in me when the entire world was against me even family. I thank my lucky stars I had him as my lawyer.”


  • “I would highly recommend him, and have done so, to anyone seeking criminal legal counsel. Mr. Magee is an excellent attorney.”


  • “I highly recommend sitting down with Mr. Magee to discuss your options and see what he has to offer. I was glad I did.”


  • “I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an outstanding defense lawyer.”


  • “They were both very quick to respond to phone calls and emails. Scott was able to get my case dismissed within a few court dates.”


  • “I felt that Mr.Magee was very knowledgeable kept me informed and gained my confidence.”


  • “Scott and his support team provided me excellent and timely service with an outcome that was better than expected. I would highly recommend him”


  • “This a huge thank you for all the work you put into handing my son's case. I truly appreciate your efforts.”


  • “I will absolutely retain him for expunging my record. He is truly a caring, honest, trustworthy person and because he’s an attorney, makes him a dying breed.”


  • “He went above and beyond expectations. Definitely a great recommendation.”


  • “I could not be happier with the outcome of my case. Would highly recommend Scott for all your legal needs.”


Our Dedicated Staff

Round Rock Criminal Defense

undefinedInna Martinez-Aguilar

Licensed Private Investigator/Office Manager

Ms. Martinez-Aguilar, a licensed private investigator since 2012, assists in the investigation of client cases, examination of evidence, and preparation of cases for trial. For over 20 years, she also worked as a paralegal in various Dallas and Austin law firms. She brings a wealth of experience and insight to cases and has a keen eye for detail that often results in favorable outcomes for our clients. She has worked on many important cases for the firm, including sexual assault matters, felony-murder DWIs, and capital murder cases. Ms. Martinez-Aguilar hails from Waxahachie, Texas. As a native Texan, she also understands many of the viewpoints of potential jurors and uses that skill in helping evaluate cases and selecting juries at trial. Ms. Martinez-Aguilar is also fluent in Spanish, which has proven to be useful in the investigation of various high-profile cases.

undefinedSamantha Aguilar

Legal Assistant

Ms. Aguilar has recently joined the firm and works as a legal assistant to Mr. Magee and provides support to our clients during their cases. One of the primary goals the firm had when hiring her was to have someone who can respond in real time to inquiries from existing clients and potential new clients, making sure that they talk to a live person when calling the office. Ms. Aguilar is from Brownsville, Texas and loves spending time with her family when not at work. Furthermore, she is fluent in Spanish and uses that skill to help many of our clients and potential new clients.

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