Capital Murder Case To Be Retried in January 2015

R. Scott Magee has handled a large number of high-profile and serious criminal defense cases. He is currently representing a client who is facing capital murder charges. During the initial trial, prosecutors blatantly failed to properly disclose evidence, ultimately leading to a mistrial.

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Aggressive Representation Secures Mistrial for Client

Attorney R. Scott Magee successfully reached a mistrial on May 7 on behalf of his client, Crispin Harmel. He questioned problematic evidence introduced by the prosecution and requested that a mistrial be ordered. The state district judge ruled that the defense team had not to be given proper or fair access to new evidence. Some of the evidence in question included a video that had been time-stamped only after prosecutors discovered a time-stamping software the weekend before the trial date.

The video was the cornerstone of Mr. Harmel's defense, demonstrating that more than an hour had passed since he left the victim seen on a store's surveillance cameras. However, the prosecutors claimed that the new software showed that only a few minutes had passed, making his defense less likely. Since this evidence was not previously presented, Attorney R. Scott Magee and the defense requested a mistrial.

New Court Date Approaches

Attorney Magee has had several months to analyze the new timestamp evidence with the defense team and will be fully prepared to secure another positive case result for his client in his upcoming trial date.

Capital murder cases are extremely complex, especially when questionable evidence is brought into play. The defense will continue to aggressively represent Mr. Harmel and his constitutional rights throughout the case. The case is set for trial on January 26, 2015.

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