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What Is Considered Assault in Texas?

It is common knowledge that murder charges are some of the most serious criminal charges you can face. If you or your loved one has been arrested on suspicion of murder—or if you even believe you are under investigation—reach out to R. Scott Magee, Attorney at Law right away. Our experienced and aggressive murder attorney in Williamson County, TX can help you understand your options and work quickly to develop a legal strategy aimed at protecting your rights and your future.

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Defenses to Murder Charges in Texas

In the state of Texas, murder is typically charged as a first-degree felony. In order to reach a murder conviction, the prosecution will need to prove that you knowingly and intentionally caused the death of the victim, or that you committed a violent act with the intent of harming the victim and the act resulted in the victim’s death, or that you caused the death of the victim while attempting to commit another felony aside from manslaughter using force or violence.

As such, there are a number of possible defenses to murder charges in Texas. These include:

  • Lack of Intent: You did not intend to cause the death of or inflict bodily harm on the victim
  • Self-Defense: The death of the victim was caused by an act of self-defense in which you believed you would suffer bodily harm and/or death
  • Lack of Knowledge: You did not knowingly cause the death of or inflict bodily harm on the victim
  • “Heat of Passion”: The death of the victim occurred as a result of you being provoked to a very strong emotion, such as rage, fear, or terror
  • Insanity: The death of the victim occurred while you were temporarily mentally incapacitated or you are unable to distinguish wrong from right or do not understand the act
  • Intoxication: You did not intentionally or knowingly cause the death of the victim because you were intoxicated at the time of the death

It’s important to note that, even with one of these defenses, you may still face lesser homicide or manslaughter charges. However, at R. Scott Magee, Attorney at Law, our goal is always to help our clients seek the best possible outcome. While we often work to have our clients’ charges dismissed or lowered, we are prepared to fight tirelessly for a “not guilty” verdict at trial.

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