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In Texas, domestic violence is classified as a serious crime and is aggressively pursued by law enforcement and the prosecution. If you have been accused of domestic violent, you will likely be treated as a criminal. domestic violence accusations can leave you with the label of a "violent person." Our Williamson County domestic violence attorney has the experience needed to protect your freedom and secure your reputation.

R. Scott Magee, Attorney at Law helps clients receive fair treatment under the law and provides them with compassionate legal guidance during what is very often an enormously upsetting experience in their lives. Even if you committed the crime, we recognize that good people make bad decisions and that things can very easily get out of control during the heat of the moment. Either way, you need and deserve quality legal representation. Let Williamson County domestic violence attorneys guide you through the process of defending against the charges and working to get you back where you belong: outside of the criminal justice system.

We know that many people are falsely accused of domestic violence. If you have been arrested on charges of domestic violence, you can schedule a consultation with our Williamson County domestic violence lawyer for help by calling (512) 600-1560.

Explanation of Family Violence & Dating Violence in TX

Domestic violence, which is referred to as "family violence" in Texas, can occur concerning many different crimes. Often, it is charged in cases of assault or sexual assault, though it may also apply in situations involving stalking, trespassing, or unlawful restraint. The common denominator of family violence cases is that these are incidents that occur between people who share a family relationship, such as spouses or parents and children.

Protective Orders in Texas

Domestic violence also includes dating violence, which occurs between romantic partners. Allegations of domestic violence will often result in a family violence protective order being issued against the defendant.

An injunction which has the power to:

  • Forbid the defendant from making contact with the victim
  • Order the defendant to stay away from anywhere that the victim is likely to be found
  • Establish temporary terms of child custody, visitation, and child and spousal support
  • Order the defendant to move out of the shared home regardless of whose name is on the lease or deed

Defense for Domestic Violence Cases in Texas

Such orders may be of short or long duration, and the alleged victim may apply for a permanent order. As long as any such order is in place, you cannot legally own, possess or use a firearm, and this prohibition will be made permanent if you are convicted of any misdemeanor or felony domestic violence offense. Fortunately, you may be able to avoid such serious consequences by hiring a Williamson County domestic violence attorney to help you fight back against the charges.

Contact us now at (512) 600-1560 for a free consultation so that our Williamson County domestic violence lawyers can review your situation and get started on a strategy for your defense!

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