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Sexual Assault

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Sexual Assault Lawyer Williamson County, TX

Texas Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault is an incredibly serious charge that carries not only an
immense social stigma, but the potential for life-changing consequences
and penalties if you are convicted. The crime of sexual assault entails
forced penetration of a victim’s sexual organs, anus, or mouth without
their consent, by any means. If you’ve been charged with sexual
assault, it’s critical that you seek legal counsel and representation
from an experienced Williamson County sexual assault attorney who can
advise you on your rights and how best to proceed. What you do in the
aftermath of your accusations could make or break your case, and having
an ally on your side with a proven record of success can ensure you have
someone who can help you go toe-to-toe with your prosecution.

Attorney R. Scott Magee understands the nature of sexual assault charges, and knows just how serious
of a situation you’re in when you’ve been accused. With nearly
two decades of experience and a substantial history of success both in
and out of the courtroom, he is a legal professional who has what it takes
to tackle your case and challenge your prosecution on your behalf. He
graduated in the top 15 percent of his class from Texas A&M School
of Law, and has earned a perfect 10.0 Superb rating from lawyer rating
giant Avvo. Attorney Magee understands how stressful sexual assault accusations
can be, and he’s prepared to move quickly to start defending you
and your rights against serious sex crime charges like sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Penalties in Texas

Texas takes criminal justice seriously pretty much across the board, but
the Lone Star State is particularly aggressive when it comes to sex crimes.
It’s not uncommon for prosecutors to push for the maximum possible
penalties, and defendants may face everything from steep fines (up to
$10,000) to long prison sentences (up to 20 years) plus mandatory sex
offender registration for life.

Those found guilty of sex offenses often face additional non-legal penalties
as well, including reduced employment opportunities, difficulty finding
a place to live, and ostracization from social groups including friends
and family.

Aggravated Sexual Assault in Texas

Aggravated sexual assault is sexual assault where other special circumstances
exist that increase the severity of the crime. Whereas sexual assault
is a second-degree felony, aggravated sexual assault is a first-degree
felony and carries even harsher penalties. In fact, in particularly extreme
circumstances, the penalties for these types of sexual assault crimes
can start with a minimum 25 year prison sentence!

What Qualifies as Aggravated Sexual Assault?

  • Using violence, threats of violence, or a deadly weapon while committing the crime
  • Using a “date rape” drug
  • If the victim is a disabled or elderly person
  • If the victim is under the age of 14
  • Collaborating with someone else to facilitate the crime

Texas Super Aggravated & Continuous Sexual Assault

While aggravated sexual assault is a harsh felony charge in Texas, the
state actually can elevate it further with its penal codes describing
“super aggravated sexual assault of a child” and “continuous
sexual assault of a child.”

  • Super aggravated sexual assault of a child occurs when someone commits aggravated sexual assault on a child under
    the age of 6. The charge can also be filed against someone previously
    convicted of a violent sex crime against a minor under the age of 14 recommits
    the same or similar criminal violation.
  • Continuous sexual assault of a child occurs when someone is alleged to have committed sexual assault against
    one or more children under the age of 14 across at least two instances
    that were separated by at least 30 days.

Protect Your Future Freedoms Right Now!

Both super aggravated and continuous sexual assault charges are first degree
felonies in Texas that can be heavily penalized. On a first-time conviction,
the sentencing penalties can include a minimum sentence of 25 years imprisonment with a maximum of 99 years, as well as thousands of dollars in fines and
a lifetime placement on sexual offender registries.

Whether you’re facing simple sexual assault charges or you’ve
been accused of an extremely serious aggravated sexual assault charge,
you can’t afford to try and face your charges alone. Without experience
and legal knowledge on your side, you’re setting yourself up to
fail and face the full force of the criminal justice system. Make sure
you have a powerful and experienced Williamson County sexual assault attorney
on your side.

Contact R. Scott Magee, Attorney at Law online now or call our Williamson County sexual assault lawyers at (512) 983-1675!

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